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Latest tidings...
There are several new live ceremonies added to the live section. Ctulu will be playing Moscow before heading to Blackened Life Festival in August! FUCK YEAH!!!

Latest tidings...
Ctulu has just signed with Music Xtreme Booking Agency!

The debut album "Freie Geister" has just been SOLD OUT. You can still download this raw masterpiece of bad sound at our bandcamp:
Ctulu at

Latest tidings...
Since both Freie Geister (2008, jewelcase) and Sarkomand (2011, 8-sided premium digipack) are almost SOLD out and lots of our shirts just as well - get your final copies! There's no reprint planned at the moment!

Latest tidings...
Two new live ceremonies have just been added to the list. Ctulu will touch Russian ground for the first time ever!!!

See live section!

Latest tidings...

Ctulu will be back in Austria after no less than five years, so expect nothing but fury!

Latest tidings...
The live ceremony on December 28th has been cancelled by the promoter. We were looking forward to playing with Melechesh, but it seems we'll have to postpone this...

Our apologies to anyone who wanted to attend this show!

Latest tidings...
The "Star Circle" hooded zipper has quite recently been added to our webshop. Just in time to withstand cold autumn nights!

Latest tidings...
After quite some time, Ctulu's proud to release a whole lot of news. The corrected delivery of Seelenspiegelsplitter shirts has finally arrived and they look STUNNING! Order your copy directly via our webshop!

Furthermore, we've got our probably last show for this year up. Ctulu will support the almighty Melechesh for an exclusive show at Blackland, Berlin on Dec 28th!

Ctulu are featured in September's Legacy Magazine, so get your copy!

Besides of that, there's several new reviews out there for Seelenspiegelsplitter:

Schafe Schuesse

Latest tidings...
"Freie Geister" is back in stock now, check our webshop!

Besides of that, we've got a completely new item in our shop. "Nationalsatanist" is the German version of Erlend Erichsen's (former Gorgoroth drummer) debut novel, translated by Ctulu guitarist Arne Uekert! Forget about all those documentaries and dive in into the 90's Bergen black metal scene, dominated by arson, mayhem and lies!

Two reviews about the book:


Latest tidings...
It's done!!! Ctulu's very first official music video "Nachtwind" (acoustic version) is finally OUT! Thanks to Harddrive Media for the cooperation!

You may download it for free following this link!

Besides, we've just announced the first three live ceremonies of 2014, taking us to Bremerhaven, Gahlen Moscht Open Air (with Setherial, Negator and lots of others) and Great Britain for the second time. We will take part in "Till Death Doom Us Part" in Bristol with our mates Nebukadnezar and Fever Sea.

Our third masterwork "Seelenspiegelsplitter" will be out via Black Blood Records on October 04th, so watch out!

Latest tidings...
Metal Observer review on Seelenspiegelsplitter: 8 out of 10!

Latest tidings...
Three live ceremonies have been added. Ctulu will be back in Baden-Württemberg since we've not complimented them in two years. Besides, Ctulu will enter Eire for the very first time!!! We'll be heading towards Cork and Limerick with our mates Sirocco! See live section!

Latest tidings...
Undergrounded review for Seelenspiegelsplitter

Latest tidings...
Necroweb review for Seelenspiegelsplitter

Latest tidings...
Roman Szymura (aka Infernal Desaster from AEBA) will from now on be a constant member of Ctulu!
Roman will wear Ctulu's uniform at Metalgate Festival - now for the first time officially!
We're proud to welcome such a "blastbeast" in Ctulu's ranks!!!

Latest tidings...
Today's latest tidings will roll over the Mediterranean isle Cyprus again!
Ctulu will be back, this time with no less than Rotting Christ!

Latest tidings...
First Greek reaction to Seelenspiegelsplitter:

Latest tidings...

Since Nocturnal Empire is facing the end of their activites, Black Blood Records will be the new label of Ctulu. Thanks anyway to Frank for his help! Seelenspiegelsplitter will thus be re-issued in the end of the year! Until that time, the album will be EXCLUSIVELY available in Ctulu's webstore!

But for the time being, watch out for the Nachtwind videoclip, coming up soon!

Latest tidings...

Some chat to our mate Dom for about the release shows and the new album.

Latest tidings...

Mathias Junge representing the LTD V II for X-treme lefty guitars!

Besides, the first review for Seelenspiegelsplitter is out now! Read below.

Latest tidings...

Finally, Ctulu's webshop is online! Support us by purchasing your copy of Seelenspiegelsplitter and many other items directly from us.

You'll also find several items that are EXCLUSIVELY traded at our webshop!

Latest tidings...
Finally, the first track off "Seelenspiegelsplitter" is OUT NOW!!! Watch below!

Latest tidings...
It's done!

The second part of our upcoming music video for "Nachtwind" (acoustic version 2013) has been filmed during a heavy storm and the coldest March since what-the-fuck-do-we-know??!!

Lasse had to take a bath in the 3°C cold Baltic (the wind was way colder) and delivered us with excellent outdoor footage for the clip.

Watch out for the Nachtwind-7'', emerging on May 3rd, together with our last album Sarkomand at Mosh im Mai in Kiel!

Latest tidings...
We've just added Mosh in den Mai 2013 in Kiel, replacing Path of Golconda, see live section!

Besides, we've added Seelenspiegelsplitter longsleeves to the merch section.

Latest tidings...
For the first time ever, in almost 10 years band history, Ctulu will make it to Arne's and Lasse's birthplace Itzehoe. This will mark the first stage of our upcoming album release tour, stopping in Itzehoe, Hamburg and Erfurt.

See you on the road!

The documentaries for "Seelenspiegelsplitter" have just started, see the first album trailer here:

Latest tidings...
Short update on the "Nachtwind acoustic" music video - the first part (studio session) is done. On N.N.'s return from studio sessions with Fäulnis in late March, we'll get back together for part two at the shore of the Baltic to film outdoor footage.

This video will most probably emerge at the same time when our last album "Sarkomand" will be re-released on vinyl (Godeater Records) on May 3rd this year.

All footage is shot and will be edited by Harddrive Media's N.N. and Kjell Svenson.

Latest tidings...

Since Cthulhu did not awake on December 21st, we'll still have to wait for another series of centuries to come. But this gives us the possibility to go on and release some latest tidings.

After Ctulu parted ways with Martin Herfurth, more or less the whole production had to be done anew and we were busy as hell laying down drums, guitars, bass and acoustic/clean passages once again during the cause of the last month. All this was done in Hoschi's ice-cold bunker in Bremen and we spent more time downing hot drinks and warming our fingers at the gas oven rather than being busy recording. Nevertheless we proceeded quite fast and here we are again facing the mixing and mastering process.

We recorded with two amps for each guitar to achieve a way more aggressive sound than on "Sarkomand". Laboga cabinets blow your fuckin' mind!!!

As if re-recording half the album did not swallow enough of our time, we're going to start the filming of Ctulu's very first official music video by next weekend with Harddrive Media in Hamburg. We've decided to record an acoustic version of Nachtwind which you'll also find on May 2013's re-release of Sarkomand on fuckin' vinyl!
Finally we're able to present Sarkomand on a decent LP to all you vinyl-fanatics out there!

Godeater Records will also put a limited amount of Zins der Zeit tapes on top to properly release our demo for the first time ever.

By the time, feel free to join us on our last live ceremony before the release - our first one with session drummer Infernal Desaster (AEBA) who also layed down the drum tracks for SEELENSPIEGELSPLITTER - Bandhaus Schleswig on February the 16th.

Back from R'lyeh!

It is not without a little pride, that we can finally announce the release date for our upcoming oceanic opus "SEELENSPIEGELSPLITTER" for April 12th and 13th, 2013 with a double release show in Hamburg and Erfurt! We had to postpone the publication due to contractual issues, but now the pact is sealed and you may expect nothing but total fury! Seelenspiegelsplitter will contain these 10 tracks full of Seastorming Extreme Metal:

1. Seelenbrand
2. Amokkoma
3. Im Widerlicht blutbefleckter Spiegel
4. Insignia Dagonis
5. Bleichenblass
6. Tornasuk
7. Flammengestirn
8. Tränenfinsternis
9. Tiara aus 10 Phobien

Some echoes evoked by Seelenspiegelsplitter:
Frija Kveldsang (Attonitus - bohemian harp on Insignia Dagonis, nyckelharpa on Serenadenhallen and Im Widerlicht...): "I am very pleased to contribute to Ctulu's new album Seelenspiegelsplitter. Both harp and nyckelharpa - as the extraordinary instruments they are - add a finishing touch to it without going over the top. Ctulu managed to blend extreme brutality and chilling coldness with elaborated hooklines and very atmospheric and tranquil fragments. I can really recommend this album to any fan of German Black Metal!"

Seuche (Fäulnis): "I keep missing the "disgusting" aspect that the band name suggests but they've clearly evolved since "Sarkomand". Still it's those distinctive Swedish-styled guitars, but the songwriting itself is way more diversified. Discreet choirs and clean vocals... really good! A little more grit regarding the lead guitars and "Seelenspiegelsplitter" would totally kill it! But still I remain positively surprised!"

Melvin Skischus (Nebukadnezar - guest vocals on Im Widerlicht...): "A harmonious album through and through! By various genres' influences, an own distinct musical line is created. Ctulu switch easily from acoustic parts to uncompromising guitar riffs and - supported by the use of samples - they create a remarkable atmosphere!"

Infernal Desaster (Aeba - drums on all tracks): "After I've heard the unmastered versions of the tracks, I was instantly thrilled. There was no doubt that I would lay down the drum tracks for Ctulu. 90's Black Metal at it's best!"

Michel Kleber (Nebukadnezar - backing vocals on all tracks): "Nice one! Old-school Extreme Metal with good melodies and rock-influences. Those great intros and various guest vocalists really loosen up the music."

Flanking maneuvers on both shows will be undertaken by the infamous AEBA from Kiel, Bristol's sound pioneers FEVER SEA and Behemoth's newest nightmare NEBUKADNEZAR from Bremen.

This album is intended to take you on a journey deep into the halls of the Esoteric Order of Dagon where your skin shall become grey as the sea, your eye colour will vanish into grey nothingness and your soul shall be bound to the depths of the ocean! Seelenspiegelsplitter was made to blow your fuckin' mind with Seastorming Extreme Metal!!!

Sit down by the sea, light a fire, play Seelenspiegelsplitter at maximum volume, close your eyes and you will understand what this album is meant to be!

After touring with Seelenspiegelsplitter, Ctulu will disappear from the surface world after December 2014 and will not arise until the release of the fourth album.

Czech Calls for Ctulu...

We're very pleased to announce our first open air ceremony in 2013, taking place at Metalgate/Czech Deathfest on June 14th in Cerveny Kostelec/Czech Republic!

This one's also the very first time for Ctulu in the Czech Republic after we had to cancel our appearance at Blacklights Festival in 2009.

Lepe pozde nez nikdy!

Latest tidings...

As you latest by now may have recognized, our new website is finally online! Several parts of it are still under construction, so check regularly.

The release date of our third opus "Seelenspiegelsplitter" had to be postponed due to contractual issues.
We expect a new date to be set for April 2013, but this cannot be guaranteed yet.
Thus, we will not be able to release this album at "War over Kiel III" on November 10th, but we will play several new tracks for you exclusively.

Again, we had to face lineup issues as we recently had to disband Martin Herfurth from Ctulu.
We will nevertheless play a regular show at "War over Kiel" thanks to Jan Westermann, who'll once more join us on drums.

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